General Questions

  • Why should we choose IPTV from you?
    Is IPTV not simply buying a box and connecting it to an internet connection?
  • Do I need an internet connection from you or from another provider to use your IPTV?
  • Is everything included with a IPTV pack?
  • Will the experience be buffer free?
  • Is an internet connection included with the IPTV pack?
  • Can we buy a combined pack Internet/IPTV?
  • Can we use our own box on your network?
  • Is there service included?
  • My IPTV box is not working properly?
  • Do you guarantee that my IPTV will always work and that there will never be buffering?
  • Can we share our IPTV connection with neighbours, friends, or sell to tourists?
We are not delivering IPTV through an internet connection in Lanzarote. We are connecting you directly to our IPTV server on the island.
That means that your stream will not come from hundred or thousand of kilometers away but from Lanzarote!
There is no internet connection needed for our IPTV service.
No. You do not need an internet connection. Not from us, not from any other provider. Our IPTV network is a completely separate network. The IPTV box will be connected to our network with a receiving antenna.
You are of course welcome to become a client for internet connection with us as well. But this is absolutely not needed to receive our IPTV stream.

The one time installation fee to connect you to our IPTV network for the pack with a monthly payment and a 6 month minimum contract is 199 € (IGIC included).
The antenna and all the other hardware (IPTV box, remote control, cables, ... ) remains property of JMA Internet Solutions but can be used for free. Also included is a LAN cable up to 10 meter coming from the antenna into your house.
Your IPTV box is connected at the the end of that cable.
Not included are: extra cable if the distance exceeds 10 meter (1 € /meter), a pole ( when no object is available to attach the antenna to, or if this is needed to obtain a good connection = 10 € /meter).

If you are already an internet client of ours, in most cases you will not need an antenna and you will be able to choose the IPTV add-on pack at € 20 /month which will bring down the one time installation fee to 139 € (IGIC included).

Yes because you will not have the same problems as when you would be connected through the internet when at peak times there is a lot of traffic on the world wide web.

No because we have created a completely separate network for IPTV that is not connected to the world wide web but to our own IPTV server in Lanzarote. Even if you are a client of ours for your internet connection, the IPTV connection will be coming from our IPTV server in Arrecife and not from the internet.

Yes, if you already have an internet connection of ours, you can order an IPTV add-on pack at € 20 /month. You will keep your current internet speed and an IPTV box will be added to your connection.

No, this is not possible. But it is also not necessary since you can use a box for free from us as long as you are a client of ours and keep paying your monthly bills.

No. We will deliver your IPTV pack and if it works as it should our work is done. We can check every connection from a distance. So if a client tells us his IPTV is not working properly, we can check if the problem is on our side or on the side of the client. If we know that our box is working ok, we will not deliver services at home for free. So if you can not use our IPTV box because of a problem in your own house (hdmi cable problem ...), or a device (tv, ...) not working ok, we will not come and check it and/or configure it for you for free. Prices for such an intervention can be found on our website.

If you feel that your box is not working properly: first, be patient and wait a while. If the problems persist then reboot the box by taking the power of it, wait approx. 10 seconds and put the power back on.
If you still feel that there is something wrong, contact us at or call support.

No. We work hard to provide our users with the best possible experience. And we have built a completely network solely for IPTV clients specifically to avoid all known common problems with IPTV. But we can not guarantee that there will never be problems. We do however guarantee that we will do whatever we can to provide you with a good working and buffer free IPTV package.
We are permanently improving our network. So if you experience problems, please give us some time. You will see that we will find a solution and get things back to where they were before.

No you can not. IPTV connections are not to be used for these purposes. An IPTV connection is intended for use by one customer (and his household), sharing with others outside of the installed facility is not allowed.
Users are also expected to use the service in a reasonable manner. Any attempt by the user to circumvent our policy may result in a disconnection.

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