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Fast internet connections

Check out our fast internet connections

High Speed Internet

We can deliver Fiber Optic internet connections with a landline included and speed up to 1000 Mbps.

You will be surprised with first-class internet speeds for snappy browsing and quick downloads. Even in rural areas.
And without the need of a landline!

Great value 4G mobile plans and 4G internet

We move into the mobile market with deals with a great value bundle of 4G data, minutes and texts.
We also offer a 3G/4G mobile router with very high speeds. No installation required.

Call and browse, at home and on the road

Want to have a single provider for internet and telephone?
We can do it for you!
And we can even deliver 4G internet at home for people that are not connectable to our Internet network.

JMA Internet Solutions is exactly what you need

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We can deliver almost any hardware that you might need for networking, communication, video-surveillance, ...

Computer maintenance

We can solve software problems, clean your computer, ...

E-mail Support

When you are a client, you always have support via email. Our technicians will answer all your questions.

Network Configuration

We can setup and configure your personal network.

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