Mobile 4G Internet Connections

If we can not connect you to our fiber or wireless internet network or if you prefer even higher speeds through 4G, we have the solution for you!
We can deliver unlimited 4G internet (*).

With these packs you will receive a wireless or a wireless mobile router.

(*) = In Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro.

Resident Mobile Subscriptions


Mobile Unlimited



per month

  • Up to30 Mbpsdownload speed
  • No minimum contract
  • Monthly payment
  • Unlimited download and upload volume
  • 7 day trial time: Not satisfied = you can cancel without costs.
  • All prices for internet subscriptions are IGIC 7% included.
  • Resident Mobile Unlimited:
    The installation includes a wireless router that you can use, a sim card and the work to connect you to the internet at your home. Our router remains our property, free to use, as long as you keep paying your monthly bills. At the end of the contract, the router needs to be returned.
    There is a €60 (IGIC 7% included) one time installation fee.

Sim card only = for use with your own router

If you already have a 4G router, or if you buy your own router with us, we can deliver SIM cards so that you can use our internet connection with your own router.

You can buy as many or as few months as you want.
There is no contract for buying SIM cards. You order, you pay and you receive the card that will work immediately.

Our cards can be used in the whole of Spain. We deliver the cards at your home in Lanzarote. If you live in another part of Spain, it will be sent to you by post.

Sim card prices


SIM card 50

50 Gb


per month

  • Up to150 Mbpsdownload speed
  • No contract
  • One time 10 € activation fee
  • Paid in advance
    Delivered at home in Lanzarote
    Sent by post in the rest of Spain
  • There is no hardware included if you buy SIM only. You can buy a 4G mobile router with us.
  • A SIM 50 month starts on the first of the month and works until the last day of the month it is activated in. That means that if you order a SIM 50 to be activated in the last week of a particular month, that you will have to use your complete volume during that last week as the SIM will stop working on the last day of that particular month.
  • All prices for SIMS are IGIC 7% included.

ALL PRICES + IGIC (7%), except where mentioned IGIC included.
Prices valid from January 1, 2020 and subject to changes, errors and mistakes.

Prices Summary